Best Heat Guns For Window Tinting

Best Heat Guns For Window Tinting: The Top 3

You need the best heat guns for window tinting if you want a more agreeable interior and UV security for your car. However, today I will write about the top 3 different types of window tint heat guns that are best for window tinting tools. 

After reading the article, you will also learn how to use the heat gun on window tint. Window tinting offers more privacy and customization, decreasing glare and relieving your eyes. Immediately search for heat guns with customizable temperature control, rheostat-style heating, and fabulous nozzle embellishments.

The power source and the intended intention are the two most significant variables when choosing a heat gun. Even though you might get by with standard models, you will require an expert heat gun for touchy undertakings like tinting car windows or fixing hardware. 

Moreover, specific models accompany connections like a carrying case, an ergonomic handle, and an enemy of overheating highlight. Let’s look at the top 3 best heat guns for window tinting at a glance below.

What is a window tint heat gun?

Heat guns are compact instruments that can blow hot air at extraordinarily high temperatures to dissolve and remove many materials. They usually work at a temperature of 100 °C to 550 °C, which is a high temperature. Substantial modern models, however, may likewise work at 760 °C.

How does it work?

Now that the purpose of a heat gun is understood, how can it work? You needn’t bother to be a specialist to tint your windows. There are a couple of simple moves that you should make.

  • Splash some sudsy water on the tint piece before taking advantage of the window. Although you’ll apply it to the window’s inside side, estimations and changes will be made utilizing the outside segment.
  • Utilizing a significant wiper, remove any other film from the window’s base and top.
  • You can now utilize the heat gun. This device shoots air over an electrically heated fiber. Remember that it could liquefy the vinyl covering without much stretch, so use it away from the glass.
  • The heat gun will keep up with the tint’s adaptability, allowing you to eliminate all air pockets and continuously smooth the surface. Using a microfiber fabric or even a towel for this approach is a brilliant choice.
  • Taking everything into account, utilizing the heat gun will make the tint recoil, smoothen its surface, and kill any kinks.
  • Apply the tint to the side of the glass in the wake of managing it to fit the window and streamlining any new imperfections.
  • Recollect that the front side windows have a base light transmission limitation of 70% and that the windscreen should allow something like 75% of light to enter. Using a tint meter, you might inspect this element.

The benefits of using a heat gun

There are many more significant benefits to window tinting for cars than simply a cool, stylish one. Here are a few reasons why everybody ought to consider window tinting.

Increased privacy

Most car proprietors don’t know how much more secure tinted windows are. Films are a hindrance, so you have an excellent chance of enduring a car accident. In crashes, the tint film safeguards you from the window glass. 

This is especially obvious if your window is broken or chipped. The film can quit flying glass.

Anybody driving by will want to see inside your vehicle if the windows aren’t tinted. The awful thing is that your assets would be noticeable to these people. They become tempted to break in and take whatever is inside. 

Your measure of privacy rises if you have your car’s windows tinted. This likewise turns out as expected for your travelers and assets.

Reduced glare

Without window tinting, long-distance travel can be awkward. You’re too weak to keep the heat and light out. Everybody in the car will before long be sweat-soaked and fomented. Buying window tint can improve the solace and cost-viability of your movements. 

These can support forestalling 35% to 65% of the heat from the external entering your car. It’s particularly evident when you apply the proper measure of window tint to your vehicle.

Your lodge’s temperature stays within a mediocre range once the sun’s heat is reduced. You can achieve this without abusing your climate control system. Over the long haul, this will empower you to save more fuel. Window tinting can hinder different things, not simply sunlight.

UV protection

Sunlight adversely affects something beyond your car’s interior. This is because of the way you are likewise in danger from UV radiation from the sun’s pillars. This is the fundamental justification for why skin disease happens. 

Know that the left half of the body has skin malignancies more frequently than the right. This is because this region gets the most incredible sun exposure. This shows that the area is where you are most uncovered while driving.

Delayed sun openness has a less severe symptom of speeding up skin maturation. This might be disturbing if you focus on the presence of your skin. Since the law severely limits them, windshields can channel most UV radiation. However, the style of the side and back windows is different.

The different types of car window tint heat guns:

  1. Standard heat gun:

You should likewise search for the best heat guns for window tinting the standard ones. if you need a more relaxed interior and UV insurance for your car. Legal heat guns have a high/low switch that enables proper wind stream, exceptional power, and temperature control in any working climate. 

We have arrived at the resolution that Seekone 1800W is by a long shot the best standard heat gun available after considering every one of the surveys and specifications accessible.

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W 122℉~1112℉: Best Quality Heat Gun For Window Tinting

Key Features:

  • Heats up to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly.
  • presented in two variants
  • Temperature guidelines that are adaptable Overload assurance
  • Versatile Design
  • The four nozzle additional items

Product Description:

Seekone 1800W is the item that brings back home the honor of best heat gun for window tinting. To equally disperse heat, the 1800W heat gun has two concentrator nozzles and diverter and reflector nozzles. 

Adding a tint meter can get the best unit for window tinting. The double wind stream setting that the Seekone 1800W gives is one phenomenal benefit. As the item’s specifications demonstrate, set the heat gun low or high for the best presentation.

The item is likewise lightweight, which is a critical quality for use. You can work as a need might arise without encountering any inconvenience while holding it without any problem. 

Moreover, because Seekone is an organization that focuses on wellbeing regardless of anything else, it incorporates an over-burden insurance capability to guarantee that the heat gun will not support long haul damage and that you might rest sufficiently around evening time. 

Moreover, the ergonomic format keeps away from wounds and extreme muscle conditions caused by inappropriately positioned products.

  1. Infrared heat gun:

Different assortments of heat guns radiate various measures of heat. For instance, infrared guns are helpful for little activities and may deliver heat somewhere in the range of 400°F and 600°F more secure than other heat gun types.


Key Features:

  • It is a compact heat gun that is solid.
  • It has a lock-on button for straightforward use.
  • Furthermore, a lock-off trigger is available for manual activity.
  • It has a 45-minute runtime per charge.

Product Description:

The DeWalt heat gun has two fan speeds, a temperature control dial that you can change, and two nozzles, making it helpful for various homegrown errands. Moreover, it incorporates a solid, shockproof body, a 45-minute runtime on a solitary charge, and an agreeable ergonomic hold to decrease weariness during delayed use. 

The device is compact, robust, and easy to utilize. It rapidly and consistently warms to temperatures between 120 and 990 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a precise, cordless instrument.

The device’s implicit over-burden security keeps overheating and firing from the beginning. Furthermore, it has a draping ring for vital capacity and an underlying kickstand for dependability. 

Tragically, this heat gun isn’t used correctly in a business setting. The gadget might require a chance to chill off too. Furthermore, it tries to peruse the scenes in a minuscule text style. It is a tremendous pocket-accommodating heat gun, however, for little ventures.

  1. Ceramic heat gun:

The utilization of ceramic window tint enjoys many benefits. There are a few tinting films for your car and windows. The best tinting material, however, is ceramic tint. Its quality, look, and sun-obstructing capabilities are phenomenal. 

llumar ceramic tint is one of the best one in the market. There’s an article where i talked detail about the llumar tint and you will also get to know llumar ceramic tint vs 3m crystalline. I would suggest you to see the difference for yourself before considering them.

Llumar vs 3M Tint: The Difference You Should Know

Ceramic tint film, however, is more straightforward than different shades of ceramic. However, you should pick the proper heat gun for ceramic window tint. The best ceramic heat gun is shown here.

WORKSITE CORDLESS HEAT GUN: Best Heat Gun For Ceramic Window Tint 

Key Features:

  • It integrates a lock-off button to forestall the heat gun from being incidentally set off.
  • It has four separate nozzles that can be utilized for different undertakings.
  • It has a coordinated LED that enlightens faintly lit regions while working in a dull climate.

Product Description:

The Worksite Cordless lithium-particle battery heat gun is a brilliant choice if you need a cordless heat gun that works similarly to those with a power string. The heating component of this light heat source can arrive at the most significant temperature of 1000 °F. 

It is an area of strength for any expert heat gun available because of this capacity. A device you should get this strong.

Thus, the device consolidates a foldable kickstand. This kickstand will assist you with keeping the device consistent while you work and allow it to cool off after use. Contingent upon the kind of the primary job, you can then change the temperature. 

A hexagonal grasp on the miniature surface is likewise remembered for the device to offer a safe hold.

How to use a heat gun to remove window tint:

Can you use a heat gun to remove window tint? I know you are also curious to see the answer to this question. The short answer is yes. You can use one of the best heat guns for window tinting. Now you can ask how to remove window tint with a heat gun. Well, below is the answer to this question. 

Let’s learn how to take off window tint with a heat gun down, step by step.

Removing the window tint with a heat gun is very simple. At the point when the window tint on your car begins to blur, now is the right time to break out the heat gun. A fast and successful strategy that won’t make a big deal about a wreck and doesn’t utilize smelling salts is using a heat gun. You might make your vehicle look more pleasant by following these directions and removing the window tint.

Step-01 Preparing the window:

Heat the window first to set it up. Utilize the heat gun’s temperature dial sparingly. The tint will liquefy the window if there is excess heat. Circularly move the heat gun along the windows. Continue until the window feels warm.

Step-02 Applying the tint:

When the window is warm, pull back an edge of the tint utilizing extremely sharp steel. Two layers of tinted polyester make up most of the window tint. Strip the tint gradually once there is an adequate tint to hold it. The window could be heated up as you go.

Step-03 Removing the tint:

In the wake of eliminating the tint, clean the window of any leftover paste by utilizing an item like Goof Off Stain Remover.


By carefully looking at every one of the particular brands available and their most well-known models, you can identify the best heat guns for window tinting. All that is left to do is use it and figure out how it attempts to accomplish the best results for your vehicle. To consider this application, you should use a heat gun to adhere to the window properly. 

To tint windows, you should pick the best heat gun. Whether you are purchasing a hair dryer because it in all likelihood won’t heat up to the fundamental temperatures, a heat gun made for vehicle applications might make what you’re undertaking a lot more straightforward.

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