Latest window tint law in Alabama 2021

Latest window tint law in Alabama 2021 (Explained)

Are you looking to know the window tint law in Alabama? Do you want to learn the legal window tint in Alabama? If you are searching to know the answer to the following questions, there is no need to be tense. I am here to help you. Today I will tell you what the legal tint in Alabama is. If you want to know them, then read my blog attentively till the end. 

Alabama is situated in the southeastern region of the United States. In the north of this country, it is bordered by Tennessee. Georgia connected the east of Alabama. As well, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico bound the south of Alabama. On the west of this country, it is bordered by Mississippi. Let’s not talk too much and learn about window tinting Alabama.

What is the window tint law in Alabama

In case you don’t have tinted windows in your car, there is no problem if you know the Alabama window tint law. But if you want to use tinted windows in your vehicle or already have tinted windows in your car, then you need to have a good idea about window tint law in Alabama. Tinted windows have specific rules and regulations that you must know and obey. So, you have to read the full article patiently.

Alabama Tint Law 2021

The Alabama window Tint law was enacted in 1996 to outline the legal use of window tint law. In this article I am mentioning all the information, including what percentage of a window you can tint and the rules of coloring the window. You will get the updated Alabama tint law 2021 here. We have checked and updated the Alabama window tint laws of 2021.

Passenger Car and Station Wagon

The windshield material on the front of your car must be transparent. Must be tinted 6 inches from the top of the windshield. This is for the front windshield of your vehicle only. You should provide 32% light transmission on both sides and rear windows of your car. And keep 3% tolerance. No matter how much the window tint is made of reflective material, it cannot reflect more than 20% of the light.

Multi-purpose Passenger and Recreational Vehicles

In windows with a driver’s back, federal law allows manufacturers to use darker colors on their windows. When installing a dark tint, all windows on each side of your car should have a rearview mirror on the outside. Passenger cars and station wagons have the same limitations on the front windshield and front seat windows. Manufacturers ascertain the deviations of the vehicle.

Can anyone tint Front Side Windows and Windshields in Alabama?

Anyone can tint the windows and windshield of their vehicle but must first know about the legal tint law in Alabama. Only the top 6 inches of the front windshield can be tinted. You can tint the rest of the side and rear windows 32% with a 3% tolerance allowance. So anyone in Alabama can tint but can’t do anything outside of prescribed law. So, know well beforehand.

Legal Dark window tint in Alabama

Remember that many obvious or almost apparent window films can nonetheless block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, so you might not require dark window tint if it is ultraviolet light publicity that you are attempting to limit. A short window movie that blocks UV mild is the safest way to comply with Alabama window tint laws.

Here is the list of legal window tints in Alabama.

Front Windshield: On the top 6 inches of the windshield, non-reflective tint is allowed.

Front-seat side windows: On the front seat side of the window, you can use dark your tint up to 32%.

Back seat side windows: According to the window tint law, you can darken your tint up to 32% in the case of rear-seat side windows.Rear window: You can see dark your tint up to 32%.

Window Tint Violation Penalties in Alabama

For the first time, if you break the window tint laws in Alabama, most police officers will let you go with a warning. But if you repeat the incident, then you have to pay severe penalties for illegal window tint. You may have to give a forfeit of $100 or 10 days in jail or even maybe both for the first time. After that, if you do it again, you have to pay a $200 penalty and one 1months in jail. You have to pay a $300 fine and up to 3 months in prison for the third time.


Keep in mind that the Govt can interpret window tint law in Alabama legal guidelines and policies in another way to your county or location of the house. We continually propose double-checking our records with your local DMV or law enforcement authorities.

Remember that Alabama tint legal guidelines can give you headaches, and so interpretation of these regulations and policies is important. the window tint laws varries from town to town and states to states. Make positive to test Alabama automobile window tint guidelines yearly to ensure your car, truck, or SUV remains in compliance.

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  1. You need to address darker window tinting for active and retired State and Federal law enforcement window tinting laws for Alabama. You might also highlight other states that permit us to do the same. Florida permits active and retired LE to tint their widows much darker than normal drivers are allowed to. Just my 2 cents.

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