Virginia window tint law in 2021

Look Out For Major Virginia Window Tint Law in 2021

  1. Do you want to know “what is the Virginia window tint law”?
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  3. Wanna learn the legal tint percentage in VA?

Well, Today I will help you to know about the Virginia window tint law and also answer the questions mentioned above. You will know what is the darkest legal tint in VA. We all know that every state has some rules and regulations of window tint. The state of Virginia also has some laws of window tinting. Today I will discuss these laws. If you want to know, then keep reading this article until the end. Here I will try to tell you about the Virginia window tint laws. So let’s not talk too much and dive into the main point.

Virginia window tint law 2021

Have an idea about Virginia Window Tint Laws 2021? Want to know? Okay fine! Let’s start reading. A new tint law in VA was passed in 1999 that clears the idea of tinting car windows in Virginia. In other words, you will find some Virginia state tint laws that determine how much you can keep your car windows blind and illuminated. You cannot go beyond these window tint laws in Virginia. To get a complete idea about the legal tint of Virginia and what tinted windows are legal or illegal, pay serious attention to complete the article.

What Is The Legal Tint In Virginia: Passenger Vehicles

Windshield: In the Virginia windshield tint law, a provision of non-reflective tint has been approved based on the AS-1 line of manufacture.
Front side windows: According to the Virginia front window tint law, the darkest legal tint in VA is up to 50%.
Backside windows: Lawmakers allow up to 35% of the darkness to enter through the backside window.
Rear window: Up to 35% of the darkness is allowed to enter through the back window.

Legal Tint Limit In Virginia: Multi-purpose Vehicles

Windshield: According to the Virginia windshield tint law, you can use a provision of non-reflective tint based on the AS-1 line of manufacture.
Front side windows: Use up to 50% of the darkness to enter through the front side window.
Backside windows: You can use any tint of the darkness to enter through the backside window.
Rear window: Use any percentage of the dark tint on the rear window.

What is the law regarding tinted windows in Virginia?

A law was enacted in 1999 called the ‘Virginia Tint Law,’ which defines the tint regulations in VA. These Virginia state tint laws mention how much of the dark shade you can use by tinting on your automobile window. If you have an automobile, you have to know all legal car tints in VA. Before tinting, the windows, learn the rules and regulations and keep it dark accordingly. This is not the law for all types of vehicles in Virginia. Different laws have been enacted for other cars. What percentage of automobile windows will be kept dark is indicated by the VLT percentage. Here VLT means Visible Transmission Percentage.

Reasons for tinting windows?

Keeping your car safe: Tinting windows will protect your car from the harmful sun’s ultraviolet rays. It makes your clothing seats hot. It covers the interior of your vehicle.
Making stylish and unique: Maintain taste when buying tint. Then it will make your car as modern and unique as you can enhance your personality by identifying your preferences.
Protecting your skin and eye from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays: Sun’s ultraviolet rays make your skin, and it’s too dangerous for your eyes. It can save you from this crux.
Helping you to maintain privacy: Tint plays a vital role in keeping your privacy. It makes you secure.
Reducing the use of AC and saving your cost: Due to tinting windows, your car will not be hot all the time. The use of AC will be reduced, and it will also save your cost.

Medical Exemption For Virginia Window Tinting

You have to collect a registration card, ‘Sun Shading,’ to verify the authorization of your vehicle. To get this registration card, you have to do some formalities. For applying for medical permission, you have to submit a complete sun shading medical authorization condition to DMV. It includes medical doctors’ statements about sun shading necessities and complete information about your car. Then you get a printed copy of the registration card. Now you are ready to tint 35% VLT down the front windows according to medical exemption. Permission was granted to tint 70% VLT of the entire front windshield.

Other va legal window tint rules

Illegal color for using in tint: You can use all colors for tinting the windows of your vehicle, excluding red, blue, and amber. These colors are illegal for window tint in Virginia.
Medical exemption for legal VA tint: Medical exemptions are allowed only for special tints.
Side mirrors: You can use side mirrors if you have a back tinted window.
Certificate sticker installing the window tint: There are no tint regulations in VA on this matter.

Bottom Line of The New va Tint Laws 2021

You need to know the Virginia window tint laws for out-of-state drivers before tint your car window and visit the VA. Otherwise, you may do something wrong or illegal. You can tint the window knowing the basic rule in Virginia, but it is better to know all the details. If you don’t know anything or are ignorant about this, I hope you have already read the article and learned Virginia window tint law. We tried to discuss all the things in this writing. So, please read it, again and again, to understand everything about tinted law in Virginia better.

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