Major Illinois window tint laws

Major Illinois Window Tint Laws of 2023: You Need to Know

Like our today’s topic about Illinois Window Tint Laws, each state has laws regarding how dark the color of the car state window can be. These laws are a percentage of all darkness. So roadways have a hint of most vehicles. However, for public safety, Illinois has enacted laws to limit certain levels of glare.

The people who live in Illinois should know about Illinois Window Tint Laws, which I will write in this article. Keep reading if you want to know about them. Allowable darkness is allowed depending on the type of vehicle and the location of the window. The Illinois Tint Act bases on the percentage of visible light allowed through car windows.

Illinois Window Tint Laws 2021

Illinois window tint laws 2021 are a bit more complicated than most states. However, here are some major window tinting laws.

  • Can install 35% window tint (except the windshield).
  • Behind the driver’s window legally have a touch percentage.
  • The front window may contain 50% light transitions (if it doesn’t paint).
  • The driver’s back windows do not paint under 30% VLT.
  • Front windows must have 50% VLT in the dark.

Window Tint Laws in Illinois

Car window tinting legal guidelines in Illinois were published in 2009. Illinois window tint regulation includes a number of the strictest guidelines within the United States. For example, it has rules for exclusive motors and areas of the car. For knowing Illinois tint law 2021 read the article further. Illinois window tint law medical exemptions- Illinois also allows medical exemptions for special window tints.

Illinois Car Tint Laws for Suv and vans

In Illinois, the following are the colors required for SUVs, vans, buses, and trucks:

Windshield: Non-reflective color is allowed in the top 6 inches of the window.
Windows on the front: May contain 50% VLT. That means more than 50% of the light must be allowed.
Windows on the back: Any dark can use.
Rear window: Any dark can use

Frontside, Backside, and Windshield Window Tint Laws In Illinois:

Frontside: Front windows can be 35% colored in a single sedan and 50% colored in multipurpose vehicles.

Backside: You can paint the backside windows 50% in just one visit. In that case, there are no restrictions for multidimensional vehicles.

Rear windows: Rear windows have no restrictions on multipurpose vehicles. However, at least 35% of such passenger vehicles require a VLT. No colored darkness is allowed for the windows behind the driver. For this,

  • Should be no aftermarket tint in the front window
  • All other windows should have 30% VLT
  • The front window can color up to 50% VLT.

Windshield: Current Illinois law regarding color windows controls how dark your windshield can be. They do this by setting rules for how much of your windshield you can cover with a color film. Tinting the windscreen is a great way to trap unwanted light and reduce heat. But too much can block your vision. That is why laws regulate quantity.

Illinois Window Tint Laws for Sedans

Visible light allowed through car windows is called VLT or visible light transmission. This percentage of light allowed through film and glass is very specific and different for sedan cars and SUVs or vans.

In Illinois, below is how much color need for sedans.

Windshield: Non-reflective color is allowed in the top 6 inches of the windshield.

Front windows: Must have more than 35% light.

Back windows: must be done in more than 35% light.

Rear window: must allow more than 35% light.

Tinted Window Penalties In Illinois

Window tints will provide a lot of advantages for you. Like-

  • Reduce UV exposure
  • keep upholstery looking like new
  • Shatterproof windows
  • Increase security, privacy, and safety
  • Reduce heat.

Officers use a tint meter to determine how much light passes through a car’s window. If they find that it’s not the right amount, they may pull over for tint Illinois drivers. Then they give them a ticket. If you violate the Illinois window tint law, it can lead you to many financial penalties. Initially, the fines can be ranged from $50-$500. If you repeat offenses, then it can cost $100-$500. If you don’t want these penalties, then it is best to know the law. So be sure to always get the correct tint percentages.

The Bottom Line

So here, I try my best to write every tinting law of Illinois. If you are going to ride any car in Illinois must read their tinting laws. Or else you may have to pay a fine if you break their rules. Also, you must have to follow Illinois window tint law to ignore any unwanted problem. You can look out for other state’s window tinting laws from the below link.

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