Legal window tint in Missouri

Updated Legal window tint in Missouri

Are you looking to know about legal window tint in Missouri? Ok, then you have come to the exact place. Through this article, I am right here to give you all the statistics you need to make the pleasant choices for the Car Window Tint in the state of Missouri. Car window tinting legal guidelines in Missouri were enacted in 2002. Your Is window tint prison in Missouri pictures are to be had. Is window tint prison in Missouri a subject that is being searched for and liked by netizens now. However, let’s not waste your necessary time and dive into the main point.

Legal window tint in Missouri:

Do you know what the legal percentage of window tint in Missouri is? Well, if not, then you can learn it from here. Non-reflective tint is allowed on the pinnacle of the windshield above the producer’s AS-1 line and cannot cross past the AS-1. I have made an effort to offer you accurate and updated information concerning Missouri window tinting legal guidelines. The darkness of tint is measured via (VLT%) Visible Light Transmission percentage. This percentage refers to the percent of visible mild allowed to pass through the aggregate of film and the factory tint of the window, In Missouri window tint law.

What is the darkest legal tint in Missouri- for cars: 

Windshield: Police allow non-reflective tint only above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. 

Front Side windows: More than 35% of light must be allowed. 

Back Side windows: You can use any kind of darkness. 

Rear Window: Darkness depends on you.

What is the darkest tint you can get in Missouri- for SUV and Van:

Windshield: Only above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, non-reflective tint is allowed a. 

Front Side windows: It must allow more than 35% of light in.

Back Side windows: Using any darkness is permitted. 

Rear Window: You can use any darkness you want.

How reflective can car window tint be in Missouri?

Front Side Windows: More than 35% reflective is not permitted.

Back Side Windows: You should not keep more than 35% reflective.

What are the legal guidelines on window tinting in cars?

Colour: The kingdom legal guidelines on tint coloration range from no restrictions in any respect to restrictions on the use of certain hues or reflective/reflected finishes. 

AS-1 Line: This is the road extending from the letters AS-1, discovered on most motor car windshields, strolling parallel to the pinnacle of the windshield.

What tint is legal in Missouri: 

To preserve your vehicle felony, the windows must be tinted to the prison restriction. May no longer be carried out or affixed to the rear windshield or the aspect or door home windows so that mild transmission is decreased too much less than 32 plus or minus three or mild reflectance increased too. Any tint with less mild transmittance on these windows requires a physician’s prescription indicating the 52 rows Front-aspect window tint stage.

Can you be pulled over for window tint in Missouri: 

Honestly, it relies upon the officer. Missouri window tint law allows a certain window reflection during the use of a tint. So it is important to make certain you pay attention to this as nicely—Iowa regulation using netizens today. Your windshield must remain in large part untinted. First and principal, having too dark a tint to your vehicle windows should result in a run-in with police.

Other rules and regulations: 

Side Mirrors: If your back window is tinted, then dual side mirrors are required. 

Restricted Colors: All colors of tint are permitted. 

Tint Variance: Only 3% variance allowed. 

Certificates: In Missouri, manufacturers of film do not require to certify the film they sell. 

Stickers: Legal tinting requires no sticker to identify. 

Medical Exceptions: In Missouri, only for special tint medical exemptions are required.

What do I want to qualify for a window tint scientific exemption?

When you obtain a medical exemption to your window tint, it’s going to let you set up a darker than the legal limits window tint in that area. Every country has exclusive policies and guidelines on what they recollect as “clinical eligibility,” You must understand the process to file a medical exemption and what is allowed.


I hope you understand the legal window tint in Missouri. Any tint with much less light transmittance requires a medical doctor’s prescription indicating the serious scientific circumstance that exists and the specific tint percent wished above the standard allowance. An allowance is required to operate a car with tinting applied with much less mild transmittance than the 35 percent, plus or minus 3 percent. 

The permit may be issued with the aid of the Highway Patrol if the applicant asking for the permit has acquired a written prescription inside the call of the car owner from a physician, issued inside three hundred and sixty-five days, declaring the particular tint percent needed because of the desired scientific ailment.

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