Window tint laws in Minnesota

Window tint laws in Minnesota

Do you want to learn window tint laws in Minnesota? If yes, then this is the correct place for you. Read the article first to last carefully, and you can learn many things about Minnesota window tint laws from here. So, keep reading. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Window tint obstructs your imagination and is proactive at night and for the duration of terrible climate conditions. 

Also, it is a safety concern for law enforcement at night time. Illegally tinted windows make it almost impossible to peer inside the car simultaneously as engaging in a traffic stop. None should provide for sale or use any motor vehicle with windows or windshields which have window tint on them. So, let’s learn about the darkest window tint law in Minnesota.

Minnesota window tint laws 2021: 

Window tinting in Minnesota is legal. But all the states have some laws on window tinting. So, you must have to learn them and follow them. Do you know what is the darkest window tint legal in Minnesota? Below you will find the darkest window tint for cars, SUVs, and vans. You can also learn about what is the law on window tint below. Minnesota is a U.S. Nation which is located within the Midwestern United States. Minnesota became carved out of the jap 1/2 of the Minnesota Territory and admitted to the Union because of the 32nd state on May 11, 1858.

Darkest legal window tint law for cars in Minnesota: 

Windshield: You are not permitted to tint on the windshield. 

Front Side windows: More than 50% of light must be permitted. 

Back Side windows: Must permit more than 50% of light in. 

Rear Window: More than 50% of light should be allowed. 

Darkest legal window tint law for SUV and vans in Minnesota: 

Windshield: You are not permitted to tint on the windshield. 

Front Side windows: Must permit the light in more than 50%. 

Back Side windows: Using any darkness depends on you. 

Rear Window: Darkness can be used as you like.

Other rules and regulations:

Minnesota also has some other rules and regulations for window tint. It would be best if you had ideas about other rules and regulations of Minnesota window tint laws. Let’s learn about other rules and regulations of Minnesota.

Side Mirrors: There are no restrictions or requirements in Minnesota for side mirrors.

Restricted Colors: All colors of tint are permitted for use. 

Tint Variance: More than 3% variance is not allowed. 

Certificates: In Minnesota, manufacturers are not required to certify the film they sell. 

Stickers: Between the film & glass on the driver’s side window, the sticker to identify legal tinting is needed. 

Medical Exceptions: Only for special tint, Minnesota allows medical exemptions.

Are tinted windows illegal in Minnesota? 

No, tinted windows are not illegal in Minnesota. But there is a limit in window tinting, which you must abide by. You can’t tint your window as much as you like. Minnesota states have some laws which you must have to follow. If you don’t follow them, you may be pulled over. A law enforcement officer can pull you over for having tinted windows inside the kingdom of Minnesota. This takes the vicinity most of the time while you exceed the tinting limit of 50%. Law enforcement officers typically have devices and manners through which they can discover the amount of tint you’ve got on your vehicle.

MN window tint laws medical exemption: 

Window tinting medical exemptions are accredited. A licensed medical doctor’s prescription or statement must always be in the vehicle. This announcement must specify the minimum percentage of mild transmittance required to satisfy the patient’s clinical needs. This statement must also contain an expiration date, which must be no extra than two years after the date it changed into issued. The driver must obtain a prescription or a doctor’s announcement indicating that the particular window treatment or software is a clinical necessity. Also, it wishes to specify the make, version, and registration code of the car with tinted home windows. Now the question is how to get a medical exemption for window tint? You can collect a medical exemption for window tint from a licensed physician in the state of MN.


Cars with tinted windows appear top-notch. But all people should learn the window tint legal guidelines first. Through this article, I attempt to offer you a good idea about window tint laws in Minnesota. Window tinting will help you block up 99% of the UV rays. The car interior cools by 60%. It can also help shield you from ultraviolet radiation and assist defend your cars indoors from cracking or fading and looking tired. Another great advantage is the level of privateness, which could prevent someone who walks through to peer inside.

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